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Jan 8, 2012 - Our Free SMS upgrade is complete and is alot faster than before. However, at this time we can only send SMS to DST numbers and cannot send SMS to B-Mobile numbers. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Oct 3, 2011 - Effective from today we are terminating our online Easicard Top-up Service. Thank you to all our customers for your support. If you have any questions, please email us at
Jan 29, 2011 - Our upgrade to Baiduri's latest Internet Payment Gateway has been completed. The Easicard Top-up is back in service!!!
May 6, 2010 - With its staff and software, Bruclass detected and caught 29-year-old Raymond G Azarcon using stolen card to purchase Easicard.
On Tuesday, Azarcon was read his charges in court for committing an offence punishable under Section 6(1)(a) of the Computer Misuse Act and under Section 420 of the Penal Code. He was found guilty and sentenced to six months' imprisonment for his first offence and received a further 22.5 months' jail term for his illegal credit card misadventure, which will be served out concurrently.
Nov 16, 2009 - Easicard System OK. If you have any problems with recharging your Easicard on our system. Please call 2342408.
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